Green Links

Have you run across an interesting article or website related to the care or abuse of the environment? If so, post the link or source and write a brief description.

Here’s an article from a recent issue of Popular Science in which the author rates the 50 Greenest Cities in the U.S. based on use of renewable energy sources, green buildings, parks/open spaces, recycling and transportation 

Avoid being a greenwashed (or hornswaggled) consumer. (Submitted by Teresa Halley)

Want to feel at least a little superior? Check out Time magazine’s article on the “World’s Ten Most Polluted Cities”.


Quick Green Tips

Add your sudden inspirations to this list. New, old, tried and untried ideas are all worth consideration. No holds barred. Here are are few “seed” ideas to get this topic started:

Delay and combine trips whenever possible to save time and fuel


Use multiple daily interval timers for lawn sprinklers—water in the gutter doesn’t make grass green!


How about soliciting photos related to Lincoln Green from residents and employees? They could be displayed on the City website and perhaps other places as well. We could offer a variety of categories, as in: recycling efforts, conservation, scenery, energy saving…


Got an idea for a newsletter topic or something for a weekly mass emailing? Something relevant, effective and doable? If so, post it here. For instance, what do you think about suggesting that people set up their computer power options and also turn off their computers every night?

This blog can provide a forum for sharing your spontaneous and/or carefully considered green ideas. Please add your comments beneath any heading that piques your creative thinking. Your contributions will generally appear within a day of posting.